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The Poetry Trail

The Poetry Trail

The poetry trail installation is the culmination of more than a year’s work which saw the children write a series of poems. These poems were transcribed onto wooden leaves, the timber originally felled on the Ebworth Estate. Matt Stanway, of the National Trust, then installed the leaves on a footpath from the School to Old Ebworth (see map). Open to all, we hope that children and villagers for years to come will come and enjoy the pupils’ work, inspired by the love of these woods.


The Launch Day April 2017

The sun shone on the children of Sheepscombe Primary just before their Easter holidays when they wound their familiar way up to the Ebworth Estate to open their Poetry Walk – Trees. To celebrate the opening, the children spent a glorious afternoon reading their work to a gathering of parents and villagers amongst the trees overlooking their school and village.


Project Background

The project was conceived and led by Jonathan Ringer. Firstly encouraging the poetry and overseeing the production of an anthology (cover below) which was sold by the school as a fundraiser for Nepalese children they support. Then he carved the wooden leaves and added the poems. The Trees Anthology is still available in school. The tree that inspired the poems is the big parkland-type tree that you pass on the walk.