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School Vision, Ethos and Values

Our Ethos

‘An inspirational setting, where all children flourish.’

At Sheepscombe Primary School we promote and live by the following values and characteristics:

Core Values

Term 1   Respect (which comes with Trust)

Term 2   Courage (which develops Resilience)

Term 3   Kindness (which comes with Compassion)

Term 4   Honesty (which comes with Responsibility)

Term 5   Thoughtfulness (which comes with Co Operation)

Term 6   Tolerance (which comes with Understanding)

British Values

Our core values are also important in British society which is grounded in mutual respect, tolerance for different beliefs, democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty. Children at Sheepscombe Primary School have many opportunities for discussing British values and for experiencing them in practice.

Fundamental British Values at Sheepscombe Primary School

Our School Vision

Our vision is to be the rural school of choice in the local area, where every child is inspired with a love of learning and is supported to become a confident and resilient lifelong learner. We aim to

  • provide a broad and varied curriculum with opportunities for all children to develop a wide range of skills and interests alongside achieving the best possible progress over their time at the school
  • to be a learning community where teachers, support staff and governors continue to learn in order to create strong leadership, outstanding practice and attain national recognition for the realisation of this vision.

The aim is to work towards achieving these strategic priorities over the next three years and to embed these aspects of the school’s work and character over five years.

Strategic vision 2017-2022

The Sheepscombe School Development Plan Overview 2018-19 shows the priorities that we are focussing on this year