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Whole School Trips and Experiences

RaptorXotics comes to School – January 2018

We were privileged to welcome into school Dave from RaptorXotics, a falconry expert complete with his range of birds – these included a merlin, eagle owl, white faced owl, peregrine falcon, harris hawk and just to completely blow us all away a magnificent golden eagle. The children were all enthralled when he flew some of the birds in the classroom over their heads!

Whole School Trip to Warwick Castle – January 2018

Our whole school theme this term is called ‘Take One Picture.’ This is a National Gallery project. We have based this theme around the painting ‘ The Castle of Muiden in Winter’ and through this theme the children went to explore Warwick Castle and what life was like to live in a castle!

Animal Encounters – September 2017

We welcomed Tom from Eco Animal Encounters. This was a spectacular opportunity actually in school as Tom brought a selection of animals to school for the children to learn more about in terms of classification, characteristics, life cycles and natural habitats. The children got to handle, stroke or observe many of the animals – two giant African frogs, a bearded dragon, a tarantula, a scorpion (which he said was friendly – seriously – how does he know?), a snake and a giant 4 stone tortoise – quite a sight ambling across the classroom carpets!

Bristol Zoo – September 2017

We went to Bristol Zoo s that the children could learn more about the world we live in, also thinking about the moral issues surrounding keeping animals in captivity balanced against the argument for the conservation of species via captive breeding programmes.

Residential Trip February 2017 Class 2

In February 2017 Class 2 went to Viney Hill on a three day activity residential. Despite the cold we had a great time climbing, crate stacking and tunnelling. We took part in eight activities over the three days, had a fantastic time and came home exhausted!

Visit to SS Great Britain February 2017 Class 1

January saw Class 1 visit SS Great Britain in Bristol as part of the ‘All Aboard’ theme. We looked around the huge ship, saw where sailors slept, ate and found out all about the ship. They even had a talking toilet!

Sports day

We were very lucky with the weather on our sports day. It was lovely and sunny but had a wonderful breeze so not too hot! We were cheered on by lots of parents and extended family members (which the children always love!)We began the day with family group challenges and then went into the more traditional sports day races. the children supported each other well and all tried their best. Well done to everyone.! The final score meant that Cotswold were the winners of our new sporting trophy this year.


Team Challenges:

hot potato      Crossing the river    team challenge

The Races:

Class 1class2   class2 2

And the winners were ……..

COTSWOLD – well done!

the winnersDivider

Fruit and Flower Day – Friday 5th June

The whole school went up to Ebworth to take part in a range of activities. The children worked in their Family groups and parents were also invited.

A great day was had by all!


Solar EclipseToday (Friday 20th March) the whole school went outside to experience the solar eclipse. They had all brought in home made pin hole viewers to watch though. The playground area went very cold and the sky changed colour. There was lots to talk about !