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Welcome to FOSS

Welcome to FOSS

Friends of Sheepscombe School (FOSS) are delighted to welcome you to our wonderful and very special school. All parents automatically become FOSS members when their children join the school, as well as staff, grandparents and members of our community who wish to support the school.

We work together for the benefit of our school, organising a variety of events throughout the year to fundraise much needed extra funds as well as events that compliment and support the busy life of the school and our families.

By choosing our small school you are positively embracing the numerous benefits, such as a friendly and supportive school community. However small schools such as ours are especially vulnerable to budgetary cuts and fluctuations. Every pound that we raise directly benefits our children through enhanced resources, facilities, and school experiences- making learning even more engaging.

We all know how time flies and before we know it our children will be preparing to move on from Sheepscombe School. It is our hope that FOSS events will be among those experiences remembered fondly by our children for a lifetime.

FOSS depends on a continual cycle of parental involvement. As children reach their final year and leave, so do their parents. WE REALLY DO NEED YOUR SUPPORT….getting involved is worthwhile and hugely beneficial to the school. We all have very busy lives and time is precious – we get that, it applies to us too! Helping wherever you can is hugely appreciated.

FOSS Meetings

Everyone is welcome to attend FOSS meetings, we’d love to see you. Come to one a year or more, whatever you can spare the time for. We meet a few times each term – we are hoping that one meeting each term will be at the pub in the evening to allow more parents to attend.

Minutes will be taken and published for each meeting. These will be sent by email, placed on the FOSS area on the website, and posted on a bulletin board in the playground.

School Newsletter

Every fortnight in the school newsletter there will be a FOSS section keeping everyone up to date with events and help needed.

FOSS Bulletin Board

Look out for the FOSS board in the playground.