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Prince William Award

Prince William Award

We were the first school in Gloucestershire to introduce the Prince William Award in 2017 into our school.

Through The Prince William Award we help young people build their character, resilience and confidence to empower them to “be their best”.

An instructor will typically go into a school for one session a week for around 36 weeks to offer a structured curriculum featuring facilitated workshops and community projects, with lots of opportunity for reflection. This gives students the chance to embed knowledge and behaviours through experience.

The Award is delivered at three different levels, Pioneer, Explorer and Trailblazer, each appropriate for a broad age range.


Developing character

Minimum age 6 years

The essence of the Pioneer level is for children to experience activities where character qualities can be displayed. Through facilitation and feedback, children will reflect upon and learn to understand the value of significant character traits in five different thematic areas.


Developing character within a team

Minimum age 8 years

The Explorer level is designed to consolidate learning by demonstrating how certain character attributes can be applied to different situations. The emphasis at Explorer level is for participants to experience the impact that individuals (especially themselves) make on group performance, how groups can influence decision-making and how the character values can contribute to quality of outcome and the type of decisions reached.